You; The Prayer…

Truth is that we are all walking prayers, alive and breathing, the answer to someones wildest dreams.

It was an early morning today, decided to switch up my routine and touch the gym in the morning instead, truth is when you’re in your bed, you just assume everyone is asleep, well at least I do. Nope, people are out here, working away, pushing their minds and bodies into submission. Anyway, that aside, I got onto the treadmill and started my little run, right in front of me is my reflection and I looked her dead in the eye, trying to catch this unsubmissive spirit, with her crazy hair and dark, dark skin panting for dear life. I have never liked the mirrors in front of that wall, they make you so self-conscious and I haven’t been feeling the greatest the last couple of days. And who on this good green earth wants their losing battles to be shown right back to them. But today was different, my mind wasn’t having it, it wasn’t going to take a beat down.

“You’re exactly what your mother wanted.” My mind seemed to say to me. The prayer that got answered was me. I am the prayer, and I am the answer to that prayer, she birthed me in her mind before I was. So, I will try and explain it the best way I can. I am my mothers prayer, flesh and blood. A solid, living, breathing answer to a prayer. All she ever wanted was a daughter who would grow to be a fiery and tough woman, and of course soft in places and here I am in full form. With a few kinks in the design that she tried to iron out, she put in the work for that prayer. We all know I gave my mother a run for her money, but that is a story for another day. Quirks and all, I am just what mama wanted. Truth is that we are all walking prayers, alive and breathing, the answer to someones wildest dreams. Imagine that, you’re the answer to someones wildest, craziest, most impossible prayer. There you are in full form, the answer, without realising it.

Perhaps to a parent, to a child, to a friend or family, a colleague, and of course a love like no other, you’re the prayer. Uttered in confidence and in silence, sometimes in pain and broken hearts and mostly in fear and in doubt, you are that which is spoken of in whispers, unknown to you and to the one who speaks you, the prayer. Think about it, today your prayer could have walked right by you, you could have walked right by the one who utters you as a prayer, the perfect answer, to the hardest questions.

You honey, are most wanted.


You’re everything that someone has always wanted, the perfect answer, to that impossible prayer.

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