Audience with the Queen…

We are seeking audience with the queen.
I sat with myself today,We had a conversation.
We formed a consortium.
My body, mind, heart and soul, She must hear us.
We have a minor emergency you see.
She refuse to fold, our being.
She refuses to be misled into false professions of love she says,
or what we perceived to be love.
Young and foolish,we erred in our judgement and we are being punished.

We are convinced we have paid our dues.
Her heart won’t fall because she refuses to come to the edge.
Her heart won’t break,
we are near certain she has lost the ability to feel.
He is on her mind today,
he’ll hurt her tomorrow,
he’ll be a fleeting memory the next day.
No lengthy goodbyes, no tears, No hurt.
All she gives is a bright smile,
and is ready for the next challenge.
Always glad the previous encounter is over,
eagerly waiting to slay the next one.

We blame the mind you see,
she has made the mind hand of the queen.
Logic has become her favourite tool.
She has given up all fantasies.
There is no room for her heart to feel.
We went down that road once she says.
We almost never made it out she says.

We seeking audience with the queen.
We would like her to reconsider her decision.
This is an injustice to the kingdom.
We beg her to feel again,
to reignite that which once was,
to let it live long enough to reach deep within the soul.
For the soul swears by it,
it cannot remember the last time it felt in anyway.
The last time a fire was set ablaze within and she ran with it.
Do not snuff the light before it takes a hold of us.

We simply seek audience with the queen.


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