The ‘god’ Complex…

The other day my friend tagged me in post of a brilliant writer who was being barraged with unsolicited attention from men. Which is normal I suppose for a beautiful woman who is unattached. But what made me really sad was how these men decided to show their interest. May be not made me sad, but confused me for sure. The men who decided to invade her inbox were of the opinion that because she was 31 and divorced she should count herself lucky that they were even reaching out to her. Apparently based on that “unfortunate” state of being, she should accept their proposal and be done with it. According to them, if anything she should thank her lucky stars that they even considered her because apparently they were doing her a favour.

How conceited do you have to be, to think your mere interest could be the salvation of another person simply because according to your standards she’s not good enough for the world or you. Simply because in your array of large misunderstandings you think a divorced 31 year old has no options. Like that’s not enough, some twisted part of you still decided to reach out to her and tell her i’m doing you a favour by even considering being with you. I will say it bluntly, there is something wrong with a person who has a thought process like this, I can’t even begin to comprehend the levels of wrong this person is. You my friend are broken and you need help. It’s a shame when a person has a “god complex” like that, it means they have not come to terms with their shortcomings as a man, and the results of that are exhibits of foolishness like this.

The one practice I have nurtured over the last few years is this, I take people as they come, as beings. They are flesh, blood and an ever changing mind, plagued by iniquities. This state is what makes them seek a higher power. No matter what they present themselves as, this remains the truth, for me anyway. Having said this, can you imagine yourself as a grown man presenting yourself to a grown woman as a ‘god’ who will save her from her second grade nature (according to you). In the midst of this charade you have demons that haunt you at night, pains you can hardly come to terms with and a life that is falling to pieces. I will say it again, you need help. Instead of using your weak and outdated play of tearing her down to garner her attention, I suggest that you get off your high horse, tell the woman she terrifies you but you would still like to buy her dinner.


“Its easier to come to terms with being human, than to chase the unattainable perfect”

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