Just maybe closure with anyone is a myth, perhaps closure with yourself is the idea.

Nothing makes me sadder than me chasing closure, than me seeing other people do it to themselves too. It used to stress me out so much, seeking some silence, some sanity from someone who took it away. The harder I chased, the more it became elusive. And when people see that you’re seeking closure, that’s just one other thing they have over you.  Another thing they will probably use to keep you hooked. Its a vicious cycle really. It becomes a train wreck of emotional torment. Chained by an idea, the myth of closure, to a person who would rather be rid of you, and you of them.

What is closure really? Can anyone give it to you? Well I don’t know. I have ideas, but I think its a very relative term. And the fact that it is relative, makes it difficult. That’s what makes me believe, no one can give it to you but yourself. Not everyone wants to sit down and talk. Sometimes closure for them is you leaving them alone. Sometimes people would have checked out mentally and emotionally long before they got the courage to leave. They already had there closure. And there you are, clinging to a myth that just maybe they can give you answers to what you did wrong or where you went wrong. They never give it to you, if they do, it only makes you feel worse in my experience. I would say make peace with the fact that they are checked out.

I believe that closure is a fad. If not careful it could ruin you. It will run you mad if you expect it from someone else but you. If a person walks, let them walk, don’t go chasing them to give you silence in your soul. Only you can do that.


“Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.”


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