I wish I could say I am sated.
That seeing you miserable has given me satisfaction.
That seeing you break down and wail like a child has given me peace,
but nothing.
Even when you grovel like the peasant in love you are,
I still feel cheated.

I feel cheated,
I still need to see misery become second nature to you,
but even then I know my heart will not rest.
I truly believe you deserve no peace,
I will have no peace until you have no peace.
And there you are, no peace
and still I have no peace.

So this is my fate then,
unfulfilled, near empty.
Waiting on the pain of a man to fill my soul.
Yet he begs at my feet,
to loose him from my chains,
it does nothing.
It does not quench the fire that runs riot within me,
if anything the vengeance rages on.

I remain Unappeased.



  1. There are certain moments you read something and you just do a ka standing ovation in the solitude of your own company… Guess what I’m doing right now :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: #DamnWoman #DopeForDays #HashtagsStillRule


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