The Thief…

Every morning I reach for my heart,
just to make sure she’s still there,
that she hasn’t made off without me,
that he didn’t come for her in my sleep.
I know he’s coming, the one after her.
I know he’s lurking around,
waiting for me to drop my guard.
Waiting for me to turn my back,
if only for a minute.
Just so he can take her for himself.

I feel him watching me from afar but close at hand,
I know not his face,
but I know the movements of his feet.
His intentions are clear as day,
her and nothing else.
If he came as war,
I would be a worthy contender,
fight him to the death, but no,
he comes with such stealth,
I can barely hear him.
Like a gentle breeze, sly and silent in his ways.

I’m here, half in trepidation,
half in excitement.
Wondering what he will bring.
Terrified of what the shadows may bestow on me.
I’m no fool, once she’s taken,
I know I’m a lost cause,
gone to the four winds never to return.
So I pray daily, beckoning the heavens,
that should this thief come for her,
I hope I can bare it.
I hope his intentions are good, kind and true.

Let him be a worthy cause to be lost for.


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