Too much for nothing…

It was always too much but never enough,
back bent over backwards, smile spread wide,
straight back, shoulders out,
I was perfect but never enough.
Spread myself far too thin,
trying to make everyone happy but me.

And for what? For who exactly?
A world that would sooner replace me,
the moment I fall from the face of the earth.
For an existence so self involved,
it could barely see me even if I was draped in the sun.
Concerned with pleasing humans equally as lost, as torn, as broken.

Definitely too much for nothing,
so I’ll let error be my teacher.
Small steps, instead of big strides,
at no ones pace but my own.
Taking on giants as I see fit.
Choosing my battles and not taking on every battle.
Just enough for me, never too much for nothing.


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