Perhaps people do change.

I’m not certain when it happened but it did. I was very rigid in my thinking at one point, then at another I was not. The one thing I did not believe in, had happened to me, a complete change of mind, heart, person, just a complete overhaul; Metanoia. I guess it is true you never truly believe anything until you experience it first hand. I never once ever believed in people changing, never, not once. I always believed people are who they are, set in their ways and nothing can change them. And every time someone tried to show a change of mind, more than anything it annoyed me. It seemed like a ruse and I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. If it did I was vindicated, if it didn’t it was a challenge. You see if a villain, just suddenly decided to become a saint, that would require a change in how I perceived them. That was a change of my mind, something I refused to do.My refusal did not in anyway stop their desire to change, it happened anyway.

Well this was my stance until I began to look at myself more intently, and I began not to like what I saw. I had to change, and in my own way I rebuilt my person, into an existence I could be proud of. In doing this I realized that it is an everyday process, I will forever be in the constant position of change, growth etc. And now I have to be the one who bears the rigid minds of those who do not believe in this, my metanoia. Accepting that some people choose to be set in their ways and that’s okay. But i’m quickly beginning to learn that proving to people that this change is occurring should not be my concern, but striving at this change for the good should really be my only concern. I have made my peace with people changing and/or not changing , I have made my peace with the changing array of the human persona. I’m not saying believe every Jim and Jack when they say they have changed, i’m saying give them the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps people do change, sometimes for the good and at others for the worst. All I can say is I believe in Metonoia; A complete change of mind. It can happen to anybody who allows it. Humans are not so clear cut as I would like to think. They possess natural light within them with the constant invasion of darkness, sometimes they win, sometimes they lose and at times they possess both, and will use either to their advantage. My point is its all very complicated and more importantly, ever changing. Don’t be so rigid as to believe one over the other, but give it chance to reveal itself.


“Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.”


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