The Art of Emotional Manipulation…

Be master of your emotions so they do not fall prey to the manipulation of others.

SO I’m lying there and my mind is in panic mode because it cannot grasp a situation. It cannot comprehend the change in people, how they can exercise callousness and goodness in an instant, all at the same time and leave you in confusion about which part of them you should believe. The one that makes you feel special or the one that makes you feel like a third class citizen. When people give you just enough affection to keep you hooked and enough distance to make you feel you need to prove yourself to earn their affection. It becomes a never ending cycle, and you my friend will never win, they move onto the next toy when they have had their fun with you, not caring at all what hole they left you in and perhaps in a couple of months they return to draw more life out of you. This is what I like to call the Art of Emotional Manipulation, used by those who suffer an inadequacy in themselves.

For the human mind, I suppose it is gratifying to know that another being out there will forever be at your beck and call. I suppose it gives us some sort of validation knowing that we are forever someones Achilles hill, the one that can neither be comprehended nor conquered. Men have this trait in spades, some of them don’t even know they possess it and yet they use it to their advantage. Women have it too, we all do and we usually draw it out when we need a bruised ego to be stroked back to glory.  Perhaps I have done it to someone so I can have my way, but I can safely  say I have fallen victim to it one too many times. So many times i’m getting good at detecting it before it gets me 😀 . You lose so much of yourself playing to the tunes of an obviously broken person looking for gratification in the demeaning of others. I can understand that we all want to belong to someone but we should hold out for something good, something kind. And someone doing this to you is neither good nor kind and it will never see the light of day.

Stop selling yourself pipe dreams, stop compromising yourself just so you can feel a sense of belonging. Love yourself a lot more, so you can finally understand what you deserve. Hold yourself in high regard, in high respect, so that you don’t grovel for the validation of others. Be master of your emotions so they do not fall prey to the manipulation of others. Master the art of belonging to self before the art of belonging to another.


‘Never follow a trail of bread crumbs, there could be a noose at the end of the trail.’



  1. The narcissistic vicious cycle of love-bombing and discard is like an addictive drug. It’s very easy to get hooked up. Unless you have a badass bullshit detector.
    Granted, being self aware helps.

    I kind of have a problem processing this line: “I can understand that we all want to belong to someone…”
    What do you mean?
    I understand that we are all social animals and normally, loathe being lonely.


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