To use your words…

It is not what you put into your mouth that defiles the soul, It is what comes out of it.

The number of times I have lost opportunities simply because I spoke out of turn, the times are too countless to mention. But growing up will teach you to be measured in your speech, because you begin to realize that your tongue can cost you. In my angry years I had mastered the art of killing a spirit by mere words. In fact I had turned it into sport. It mesmerized me how I could hold so much power in words alone. I recognize that very trait in people today. It has become a trend to be vile and unkind in words. Its this ‘cool’ thing people have taken on to showcase what they perceive to be intelligence. To just spill venom is what is considered humor now, which is pretty sad. Half the time i’m picking my jaw off the floor because people say the most redundant things in a bid to show prowess, it hard to comprehend.

People today just refuse to add any thought process behind their speech. They totally disregard what it does to them, more so what it does to others. I always say whenever someone says something to you, its a projection of how they perceive themselves inside. So I guess what i’m saying is that we have a society of a lot of very broken people walking around projecting their inner dysfunction, and passing it off as humor and intelligence, its a very sad reality. For every time i’m cruel to someone, it causes a dent within me. For every time I am vile in my words, it causes a bit of damage within me. I’m not sure why but that is how it works. It’s for this reason I have learnt to watch my mouth, I’m afraid of what it could do to my insides. Its true, It is not what you put into your mouth that defiles the soul, It is what comes out of it. One must believe then that words are a double edged sword, what they do to another they do to you, the one who speaks them.

So I will say this, be measured in your speech, be kind in your words, its not only a kindness to others, it’s a kindness to yourself. This perception you have of it being intelligence is a sham, true intelligence needs no venom to enhance it. Remember always that every time you spill goodness, goodness reaches in and nurtures your spirit. And every time you spill evil, evil reaches in and tears at your spirit.


“Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.”




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