Head in the clouds

I have found this new balance to things, head in the clouds feet always on the ground. Some may call it the power of right believing.

I’m a funny one, my head is always in one of two extremes, either up in the clouds or down, buried in the sand, no middle ground. I am not much of a believer in half-hearting anything anymore. Commit to your cynicism or your belief, whichever way just commit a hundred percent I always say. So yes head in the clouds but for the first time feet firmly on the ground, something I never thought was a possibility. There was a time when middle ground was second nature, when I discovered the clouds or the sand where no place to be. You know that lack of belief in anything but yourself. Afraid to try anything because you’re so afraid it may fail. Actually more afraid it may succeed. And if it succeeds what next, what do you do with it. I always say my biggest problem then was my immense belief in people, I always expected too much or too little from them. Always forgetting their imperfections, which does not make humanity any less,  but it still remains imperfect.

Imperfections aren’t a bad thing, in fact if harnessed they amount to so much. But to pretend that they are not there is foolishness. This was always my mistake, the never expecting glitches and then later the always expecting glitches. This led to the always living in trepidation because humanity couldn’t pick a form of existence and stick with it. Expecting consistency from an ever changing race, is madness at its best, and a sure way to be miserable. I would say find something bigger than all of us, never changing and choose to stick with it. I  have found this new balance to things, head in the clouds feet always on the ground. The power of right believing some may call it. My heart is always full, full of hope at least. At all times even in despair I have this tingling feeling in me always telling me to relax and breath. Its okay to be wrong, it’s okay to be right, it’s okay to be both all at the same time. Nothing lasts forever, but be sure always that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Do I believe in fairy tales? Of course, always! but I also believe in the possibility that they may fail and something else will come along still and that’s okay. Adventures will end and new ones will begin, and all the while I will be here living my best life, trying at least. Simply because I have chosen to search and believe in something much bigger than myself.


“I would say go search for the Causer of all causes, and when you find the Causer trust and believe with everything you are, don’t half heart anything.”


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