Rome; A tale in centuries…

It’s very true, Rome indeed was not built in a day, it would have to take centuries to build something that formidable. Also I have never seen ruins look so good. Looking at the city was like looking in a mirror. We all know i’m an old soul, beautiful in the most broken places 🙂 .

img_1944 So anyway I caught a train from Milan ( story for another day.) and got to Rome at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I got nervous. I went straight to my accommodation and I was in panic, I genuinely did not think I could do it. I was overwhelmed by the shear size of the place and it hit me there and then that I was alone. So the first day I was in shear panic and I locked myself up. I lost a day, i’m still mad about that. But I slept the panic off, and the following day I was ready. I got on a bus and headed to some sort of center, Piazza Venezia and I knew one thing, if I could make it through Rome, I could make it through any big city, I had to survive this.


And so my walking started and I loved it. I was basically museum hopping and Cathedral hopping. Rome holds some of the most amazing architecture. The attention to detail in on some of those walls is really amazing. I took a long walk to the Vatican, and I saw St. Peters Basilica, I waited in line for two hours just to get in and boy! it was absolutely worth it.


Not the greatest picture in the world but look at that. It stands so majestically and has stood for centuries, upholding a two thousand year old tradition. I just love old things. But anyway it took me forever to get inside but I eventually did and it was beautiful. I encountered my first Michelangelo here, The pieta, The pity in English.

The Pieta

This beauty looks like at any moment she could stand or move, or in actual fact cry. Michelangelo draws her sorrow out so perfectly its amazing. Its clearly reflected and you can feel it from across the room.

This piece particularly has been attacked several times by various people and she has broken an arm too. So because of that she sits behind a bullet proof glass pane. Why anyone would want to attack such beauty is beside me but people will be people and that’s okay.

So yes this was my first encounter with Michelangelo and he took my breath away with this one. Simply by the pain reflected in Marys’ face. It is so surreal. And one can see this in all of his work, down to the the pieces in Florence, but yet again this is a story for another day. Yes there is a story of Florence coming 😀 .

I took all the pictures I could in the Basilica, and had the time of my life, it was beautiful.

The view from the entrance of the St. Pietas

I then walked out of the Vatican and went back into Rome and took it in scene by scene one blog cannot cover it but it was amazing.

Others may see blobs of stone, I saw an empire standing for centuries on end. The number of Ceasers that have served in these wall was so evident and is a tale that will be told for another thousand years.

Trevi Fountain

I have never seen a fountain so pack with people in my life, I would have loved to see it with no one there but it’s so beautiful.


I used the Colosseum as my backdrop can we all agree my life is amazing :D. I kid, extremely blessed that’s what it is . Well this is was Rome and I had an amazing time and I am definitely going back, for sure.


“Rome was not built in a day.”

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