In the Silence…

I challenge you then to be less of a coward, to seek it for yourself with less caution and more abandon

Its how I wake up these days. In silence, if you’ve known pain you will know that the silence speaks, if anything it screams, like iron against iron, it torments you. You need the noise to drown it out, the noise becomes your comfort, shielding you from its accusations. If you’ve known peace you will know that the silence speaks, it enfolds you in its softness, it assures you of things you cannot see. So yes it’s how I wake up these day, in the silence. Its been a while now, waking to this beauty and sometimes my torment, I sometimes sit there for a couple of minutes without movement for fear of disturbing its gentle flow. Then when the noise comes I realize that it doesn’t leave me, that it cannot leave me.

Its within me, I carry it in my spirit. The anchor to my soul. I think of the days gone by when the noise would drown it out. It was me, I gave power to the noise over the silence. And now I have handed power to the silence, and it has drowned the noise and with it my lacks. It has left me with hopes alone, a few fears here and their but hope is paramount now. It was out of my shear will after all, to pick the silence over the noise. I was led to believe I had no choice, that I had to live with what I was given.  An absolute lie. I made a choice, I called the silence my own. With all the accusations, pains and discomforts it came with, what it yielded is what mattered most to be. A fuller spirit, more sure of itself, of its landing. Is this constant? No, its just like being in love, it has its ups and downs they are days when I feel like i’m getting an emotional beat down but unlike the noise the silence is a for sure thing, consistent. Always on queue, in all types of weather.

Telling of this silence. is like speaking of unicorns, of bigfoot. People believe more in its non-existence than its existence, its just easier to believe that it is not there, less taunting to believe its a myth. I challenge you then to be less of a coward, to seek it for yourself with less caution and more abandon. To put aside your preconceived notions and dare to believe. Believe me when I say, its like falling in love with that perfect being who has everything you ever wanted and then some, such that when you explain it, it makes no sense at all. Its the perfect kind of quiet.


“The best conversations are had here, in the silence.”


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