From Paris with love…

It always seemed like a far fetched idea to me. The city of love apparently, I just couldn’t see it. But boy does it take your heart when you get there. I can understand why they call it the city of love now, simply because it is. The warmest people I have ever come across are Parisians. Not only romantic type of love they just radiate warmness, something I found very rare in Europeans, especially towards strangers.

It felt like I was home. I honestly felt like I could live there. So yes Paris has made top list of cities I would love to live in and then some 😀 . The getting there was what near killed me. My bus left me and I had to wait a good twelve hours to catch the next one. I was cold and miserable but Paris could wait ;D and it was absolutely worth it.

img_1619 And so the visit started, and my first stop was of course the Eiffel Tower. I honestly never thought a piece of metal or steel or whatever you may call it could be beautiful until I saw the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful and majestic, at one time it was the tallest building in the world until the empire state building came along or so I have been told. It stands on the side of of the River Siene. Two very lovely restaurants on the tower and for a few euros a ride to the top for you to see all of Paris. Dear future husband if it be possible please propose to me at the tower.

I wont lie, I was near tears when I saw it. The sheer disbelief I was their nearly drove me mad. I don’t remember ever being so happy. I learnt at that place the joy in experiences and not attaining stuff. I loved it so much.


As you can see the day was quite gloomy, wet and cold. For an African girl, the weather made me miserable, but I was miserably happy, I was in Paris after all.

I will tell you this much though, my mama would never believe this, that her baby was at the Arc de Triomphe, the vision of Napoleon himself. I may have hugged it a little because I think its a fine work of art centuries on its still standing. My heart was built for things like this, old things, things that last.

Then there was the Louvre, the museum that houses the Monalisa, apparently the painting is priceless now, they cant even insure it, so the tour guide said, all they do is spend money to protect it now. I wonder if Leonardo Da Vinci ever thought it would come this far, cost that much. I wonder.

I goofed around in what was once Charles V palace and I had a great time, bought some art from street artists (Not from the Louvre, i’m not that much of a spender yet 😀 ) and then goofed around some more.


Went off and saw more of the city that one blog cannot accommodate. I will however say this, visit Paris, the food is amazing but the people for me take the cup. They are sooo good and kind. They represent to me what the world should be like, good, kind and loving. Very few preconceived ideas of each other. I could swear the city was built on a cloud.

Give this city a chance and it will steal your heart, you will not want to leave. Just be sure to visit when the sun is out and you will love the shopping too

If your looking for love, Paris is a good place to start.

From Paris with love,


“Do you remember that moment when you said there was no one for you, it’s untrue, there is always a human for you, if not there is God himself.”


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