A Tale of Two Cities

One fateful Sunday, I saw Monte Carlo and Nice in a day πŸ˜€ .

First there was Monte Carlo; Monaco

Some one made me a promise that I could see Monte Carlo and Nice in a day and be back in Turin (A tale for another day) by evening. I was on that early morning bus by 5:30 and so the adventure began, beautiful country views heading towards Monaco, which I now like to call rich country. Heading to Monte Carlo I was expecting fancy cars and a high lifestyle. No one told me about the Mediterranean sea, and how it would take your breath away as you drove along the coast.


It was amazing definitely beyond comprehension. The sea stretches on forever. But it is rich country for sure. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are the order of the day. There are small businesses offering a 15 minute ride in a Lambo for 69 euros. I couldn’t see myself spending that amount of money on 15 minutes in a fancy car, would rather eat ten tubs of gelato but that’s just me πŸ˜€ . The Monte Carlo casino is definitely everything its hyped up to be. At the entrance is an array of expensive vehicles. You how people take pictures of sites as tourists. In Monte Carlo tourists take pictures of cars and boats, its crazy. So shiny they could blind you.

I honestly was not very confident to walk into the Casino because I could smell the money from the street πŸ˜€ . I however eventually had the courage to walk in and its just elegant, basically it all looks mechanic lacks a bit of heart actually.

The lady standing next to me is lady luck, the goddess of good fortune apparently. All gamblers rub her sack of coins before gambling, all I was wondering was why she was blind folded but okay. The best site I saw was the sea, it was beautiful and it gives the city character, outside of that I felt really out of place like I didn’t belong (I probably didn’t πŸ˜€ ). It felt very mechanical to me that’s all. But it was definitely a good time, the sun was out and my melanin was glowing and I had Monte Carlo as my back drop, come on now!!! A girl can dream and then get it πŸ™‚ .

Kukie in Monte Carlo


Then I went into an amazing aquamarine which I thought was out of this world. Keeping in mind this was my very first so I was super excited. I have finally decided I like aquariums, so look out world I’m buying a pet fish and I will love it as my own.


Truth is that I got lost so many times I couldn’t get out πŸ˜€ . It was a good kind of lost went through the entire place three times and was still enjoying it. That is how I discovered I do not have the greatest sense of direction, yes even with arrows on the floorΒ  I am an absolute lost cause.

So anyway this was Monte Carlo, I totally felt out of place but I liked it anyway. I’m very glad I visited and I will be returning with a million dollars to gamble away and my own ferrari fingers crossed. Whichever way I will be returning because I think I didn’t do it right maybe.

I may have rushed through it and not given it a fair chance perhaps. But it felt very superficial, the one thing that seemed real was the locals affection for Grace Kelly they hold her in very high regard and I admire that. Everything else seems very unreal and moneyed and for a small town girl it was way larger than life. But like I said I will be returning sometime soon. I have to make sure I make it for formula one next time around seeing the race track was not sufficient and I need to Louis Hamilton of course, a thousand times yes. πŸ˜€ . Well that,s all I will say about Monte Carlo and a few more pictures.

14km out of Monte Carlo we drove and came to my next adventure ;

Nice; France

Nice, oh lovely Nice. Such a beautiful place so little time. I will say this about the people in this place so kind its incomprehensible. The city itself is a reflection of who they are. Also along the Mediterranean Sea. My biggest regret is that I didn’t spend more time there. I had lunch at a lovely restaurant and had wine.


I will say this if you are going to go to France make sure you find a good restaurant, that offers good wine or a killer spritz you will be super happy. I love to eat and french wines were made for palates like mine πŸ™‚ . You can always trust you will get a good meal, Very homey too.

Its a shame really that I didn’t spend much time in Nice so I wont sit here and lie to you, I do wish we had started with Nice though, Monte Carlo could have waited. So expect another one of Nice when I return.


“I find that beauty lies in the purity or brokenness of something, therein lies its beauty.”



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