Mean Girls…

If you have to tear someone down to make yourself look better, then what you have to offer cannot be that great.

If you know me, you know I was brought up in a house of girls, five of us and then there was more women raising me than you can imagine. My mother had one law in the house which was one persons crime is every ones crime, ergo everyone gets punished for that deed. My sisters and I always thought this was never fair but it forced us to keep each other in check. It created a bond beyond belief, how we love each other today is because of that one law, each individual with super powers that the next does not have and because of that we play team. You can believe that if you cross me they will come for you guns blazing and ask questions later 😀 . I bring this up because this is what I understood friendship to be, to love and protect each other without relenting. Getting into the real world has taught me different through university, work space and now just everywhere. I was naive.

It would confuse me how in one moment you are friends with a person and in another moment you’re in competition or a fight that I couldn’t understand. And when that space changed everything would return to normal, but it wouldn’t return to normal for me because I would be mad as hell because I don’t get why you came after me like that, and now I look crazy when I need you to explain. Then I realized that there was a pattern, it was only ever around men, and in some instances around other women they held in higher regard. Its so bad, and I choose to believe others don’t realize they are doing it. Now its just sad to watch, a woman taking stabs at another, demeaning her so you can be preferred is a bad, bad show. And the men can see it, some are polite enough to pretend they see nothing, others love it for the thrill, they go home tell their boys about it and laugh. Ladies you need to chill you’re turning all of us into a big fat joke and I don’t like it.

Before I would take the bait, now I know exactly what it is and I refuse to play.  I will let you tear me down, I will let you have it as you please. For one simple reason, you will not make me look like a little pup fighting over a bone, my self respect wont take it. You are my girl dammit! And if you like the human so much tell me! I make a better wing man than a punching bag.  I will say this though If you have to tear someone down to make yourself look better, then what you have to offer cannot be that great. If you have a person you feel intimidates your existence or your attractiveness or whatever it is girls worry about, demeaning them doesn’t change their general awesomeness, learn from them instead, it will grow yours.


“The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships, where you believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world.”




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