Verona: Romeo & Juliets’ little City…

I am told that when Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, Verona was the setting. Verona urban legend has it that both these characters existed, and for sure their families did not see eye to eye, of course in true Shakespeare fashion he made it dark and heart breaking, but apparently the urban legend doesn’t quite go that way. Now imagine telling a hopeless romantic (me) that Romeo and Juliet could have actually existed for this reason and this reason alone I explored Verona to my hearts content : D

The day started with a sun hat, sun glasses and an Arena …

Arena di Verona

This beauty behind me(the one made of stone : ) ) is the Arena di Verona built in the first century and she is still standing. In ancient times 30, 000 people would gather to watch the gladiators and today it hosts some of the greatest opera shows, sadly I didn’t get the chance to attend a show. But I am reliably told that the shows are to die for and chance are you will probably shade a tear or two. How cool would it have been though to see gladiators fighting in the 1st century.

Verona – Centro Storico

I have to say the streets in this beautiful place got me. Calm and collected you could take a stroll forever. Loads of tourists though( me included). I wondered what it would be like if no one was there.

The driving shocked me : D . The cars will appear from places you never figured they could appear. If you’re a stranger here be well aware that all the streets look like a walk way in some places with marble floors, don’t let this fool you (like it did me, I am sure that is strange for some : D ) cars drive through these beautiful floors too so watch you back. This applies to Venice, and some of Rome. You have been warned . That being said the street are everything and the gelato on these streets is even better, this place called Venchi got my heart, I have made peace (maybe not )with the fact that I will never encounter gelato as good as that. So yes, walking to Juliets home with gelato in hand and so the story goes…




La Casa di Giullietta

Juliet’s home was packed, there was love birds all over the place trying to get some of that love mojo out of the place. So this was her apparent home. Where she was forbidden to see Romeo but she saw him anyway. How cool is that, can you imagine loving some one like that it must be beautiful and also a burden to bare. Especially if your family doesn’t approve

The place is old and beautiful, untouched I loved it. it has a wall that is constantly replaced where people leave notes professing there love for another. And hoping that like Romeo and Juliet their love too is forever.

The balcony on the picture below is where she came out every time Romeo came to see her and she was forbidding to see  him.

On the right is a bust of Juliet, usually crowed by young love birds, it is believed that if you rub her chest it will bring you good luck in love. I didn’t do it so that explains my current luck : D .

It amazed me though how a tragic story left behind a beautiful fairy tale.

Love forever ours

I am still trying to get my head around it. Take for instance the locks on the rail, all of these were left by two people in love sealing there love with a symbol of a cute little lock, promising to love one another forever.

What broke my heart was the wall with the love notes asking Juliet to bring them luck in finding love. Some of them where just stories of how heart broken they were. I have to admit they made me a little sad and sappy inside, also gave me a glimmer of hope, that the world still believe in that fairy tale. I wasn’t the only fool after all.



Before I make everyone sad, the experience was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it. The climb to see  the panoramic view of Verona at Piazzale Castel San Pietro nearly killed me but it was so worth the climb. If youre not up for the climb there is transport that will take you up for two euros .

Verona: Panoramic view

Now before I came for my vacation I had never heard of Verona, I happened upon it entirely by chance, and what a beautiful chance it was. I have the best time, the best spritz and lasagna of course, I would recommend it to anyone.

Well all I have now is pictures of all the fun I had : )


Forgive the poor quality of the pictures, I am just starting out as a travel blogger. I will get better I promise : *


“If anyone ever tells you don’t go too far you may get lost, you go far enough and make sure you get lost.”



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