The Currency of Time…

Time ain’t like money, you can’t make it back…

I met a few strangers while I was away, and the first thing they picked up about me is my sensitivity to time. I don’t like waiting, unless you’re God, there is no chance I let you keep me waiting, and if you do I wont easily forget it. Time is a precious thing and people don’t see that, or they do and they just decided to ignore it. And it makes me mad that people don’t acknowledge it. I can honestly say I have lost a friendship or two over this. I have lost respect and regard for a lot of people over time, more precisely the waste of my time. It makes no sense to go about your life without acknowledging that time is the worlds largest trading currency. That largely everything depends on it. One can tell what governs another persons life by simply identifying what/who they spend the most time with.

When you get older, you understand this concept. you are more jealous with it, extra careful with it because you know that its precious. It implies a statement when spent, it says ‘you are worth my time ergo I am giving it to you.’ And when someone makes a conscience decision to give you their time respect it. If you don’t want it, say it, so that they don’t have to go through the trouble of wasting something so unattainable. Giving time is a taxing investment, terribly wicked if you ask me. If it was like money it would be easier, but time ain’t like money, you can’t make it back. Once its gone, its gone all you can do afterwards is hope to God it was a worthwhile investment. Poor judgement unfortunately has cost the most of us a lot of time and we can only count it as very expensive lessons well learnt.

I can however say that you can often tell in what regard someone holds you just by simply looking at how they treat your time. But I could be wrong and maybe i’m just particular about people being late or never showing up. But wasting your time is one thing, but lacking the courtesy to inform you is just plain disrespect, a lack of manners on their part and unfortunately a terrible, terrible investment decision on yours. 😀


“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot.”

Micheal Altshuler

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