Venice: My City of Love…

So my travel started and Venice wasn’t my first stop but I love it the most, So I thought why not. I was never the girl that wanted to go to Paris, when she fell in love, I was Venice through and through. I remember thinking of Venice as young as 14, and my mother always yanked my head out of the clouds of course because I had no business thinking about love at that age : D . But I kept it with me forever, I looked at a picture every so often, even last month I did. Wishing upon star if you like. Small town girl, in a city built on water centuries ago seemed so far fetched but it became my reality.

I went this past weekend and I loved it!!!!

What pulled my heart strings the most was the old couples who were hopeless in love and on vacation. The love that like the city had stood the test of time. Holding hands in the sun and happy, to me those old souls added to the beauty of the city.

The view was amazing, the island is built on water and has been standing for centuries. The original name is Venezia. I caught it at the perfect time, the weather was beautiful.

Boat ride on the Adriatic Sea to the island.

The Bassilica of San Marco is the most beautiful beautiful i have ever set my eyes, the paintings on the wall are just immaculate, the line to get inside was just crazy.

Took a ride on the Gondola, best way to see the city, homes that have water on their doorstep. Imagine going to a restaurant sent on water, it amazing!

I had loads of gelato from this place called Venchi, it was so good. I am yet to eat ice cream or gelato that tastes as good as the one in Italy by the was

With love from Venice,


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