Power in Intent…

So I’m finally doing it. Taking a month long vacation with plenty of train rides across Europe alone. I always thought if I ever went on vacation, it would be with him, the one, but I realized I may wait forever : D No I wont wait forever but it just seemed like a silly excuse not to venture out. I am turning 28 and it just felt like the perfect treat, out of my comfort zone. It may be regular to other people but its daring to me. It’s silly but what brought this on is I remember watching Christian Ditters’ How to be single, I was in a pool of tears from a broken heart and I just wanted to be that girl, comfortable in her skin, seeing the world alone and she was loving it. I wanted that trip!

I have been awfully scared to do it, and broke has been the excuse, believing it would leave a big dent in my savings, but here we are I finally got the nerve to do it, and I am terrified out of my mind. But I am in the perfect place to do it. I have never been more comfortable being me than I am right now. Its the perfect treat for a 28th birthday and a chance to prove to myself I am finally the woman I have always wanted to be. I was a big believer in happy accidents, in the sentiments of what will be, will be. And I have been wrong, I have met people that have thankfully shaken this belief. It is well and good to wait on fate, but as some one lately taught me, Intent is everything. There is power in desire, its like the jump start needed for that thing to start making its way to you, If that makes any sense.

So all I can say is plan that trip, five hundred or Five thousand kilometers away it doesn’t matter. Want that better half! you may have to kiss a few frogs before you get the prince or princess. Do what you want, chase your dreams just don’t let them consume you such that you forget where you are now. Most importantly do not wait on anyone or anything to give you the courage to enjoy life, climb that mountain, who knows charming might be at the cliff waiting to jump with you.  ; )

And to the love of my life, I am sorry I started without you but there is still plenty more of the world to see. : *


“He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalms 37:4


  1. best of luck! I am doing a month in Europe in July and I’m so excited. I would love for you to blog while you are there so your followers can keep up with your adventures. I hope to do the same.


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