Luapula: All sand, water and beauty

So I have spent the last week in the North of Zambia, on the left of the the North 😀 . Luapula province, I have been here several times and it takes my breath away each time. It’s beautiful, serene and untouched. The most amazing thing is the people that live in this part of Zambia seem very accustomed to the beauty that they don’t see it how I see it. Very few people would believe a couple of Zambians live on white sandy beaches and palm trees that go on for miles. So I thought to start my new category of the World through my lense with this unsung beauty, the great Luapula that no one would ever guess exists in its truest form.

Videocred: Mukuka Nkunde

This is the first site you see when you get to the Luapula Bridge, its like this all year, spreads far and wide. My favourite spot is right where it meets the sky ❤ . It usually has children in canoes fishing but currently the fish ban is on so no one is on the water. It forms part of the border with The Democratic Republic of Congo.


Photocred: Mukuka Nkunde

A little light house right at the beginning of the Luapula Bridge on Tuta road.


The on the beaches of Lake Bangweulu, Samfya town. The coolest bit about this lake is that it is one of the largest lakes in Zambia yet it sprouts from the ground and pours into the Luapula River.



Still Samfya and still beautiful : ) .


This here is Chitah Lodge, set right in front of the Lake Bangweulu, one of the beautiful lake view lodges, and I have to say it has give the town a fresh look.


And now for my little unsung beauty, Lake Chifunabuli. Very few people know about this little beauty. She stands proud and silent, just 20km from the Samfya Junction, the Villagers here are even nicer.


And there she is touching the sky just at the perfect spot.

So here it is Luapula through my  lense, there is definitely more to show, the Lake Mweru in Nchelenge and the Lake Mweru Wa ntipa in Nchelenge too. So please expect a second Luapula piece. And if ever in Zambia be sure to visit this beautiful, beautiful place. And if in Zambia quit wasting time and get her ; ) .


“See as much of the world as you can.”



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