In the Moment…

The here and now, should be your biggest concern, because its the only thing that truly has the power to influence both the past and the future.

I fret a lot, I go over the past, I relive it, ways I could have handled the situations better. Said my words better maybe kinder or colder. I think to myself I could have fought harder and longer perhaps things could have turned out different. I basically wish upon a star that is long gone, it has no business with me and I with it. Then they are days when I look to the future and I fight with my what ifs. What if I don’t make it? What if tomorrow comes and the sun doesn’t shine like its supposed to? What if everything falls apart and I cant take it. There are happy what ifs too but they all bring about apprehension. In fact the amount of times I have had a mental or emotional break down have been brought about by a thought process that can change absolutely nothing.

Now eventually, this approach was wearing thin, and I realized I wasn’t getting much done. Because I spent more than half my time in apprehension of things gone and things to come and I was barely in the moment. A day came and I challenged myself to simply take the day. Not the week or the month or the year, just the day.  A very tough practice but worthwhile. When my mind wonders I draw it back, remind it of where I am, the here and now, and that’s it. I take the moment and prize it as my own, because until tomorrow comes, today is all I truly have and I give it everything. I turn it into that great building block to be added to the eventual tower, the bigger picture. Because I finally get that, that one day is what adds to that great past and to the hopeful future. I cannot do anything about the two but I can do everything about that one day, that will eventually influence the two greats.

So then why live in the moment? Because its all you truly have. Because dwelling in the past creates unnecessary grief of things unfulfilled or joys of past glories. Dwelling in the future creates unnecessary  pressure, the actions both lead to neglecting the where you are now, what you should be appreciating now and working on. The present is the only building block you can set right. Its the the only thing you can truly influence to amount to something. I am not at all saying the future or the past mean nothing, I am saying your biggest concern should be where you are now, because its the only thing that truly has the power to influence both the past and the future.


“Give everyday the chance to become the most beautiful of your life.”

Mark Twain

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