People Problems…

People are just that, people. They are no gods that they should be perfect.

I’m not all good, and probably my worst trait as a human is to assume that I am.In the last few years I have developed the coolest super power, the ability to cut off people, nice and clean as if there was no code at one point. You would never guess I knew the being at any point at all. This came about when I got tired of people walking all over me, the sweet and nice girl stance held nothing but misery for me. When things happen this way a smart girl will quickly grow a thick skin and acquire a large pair of scissors, and I like to think I was a smart girl at the time. But life will teach you and a grown woman will quickly learn that with an approach like that sooner rather than later you would have cut off the whole world and you will have no one left. Simply because you were looking for perfection. News flash there is no one being who walks this earth who is perfect.

People are just that, people. They are no gods that they should be perfect. They will let  you down and hurt you, all you can ever hope for is that they have the conscious to realize it. That they strive for goodness just as much as you do. That they realize there darkness and want to bring it to the light, owning it as their own and willing to give it up, to change it. I am in no way saying that you should entertain mediocrity, I am however saying that by default we all have some form of mediocrity. In interacting with people this should be the active thought on your mind. That they are human, and they have faults, the choice should be whether you can live with those faults or not. If they are worth enduring for the good bits of that person. I cannot say this enough, there is no such thing as a perfect human. If one can understand this fact life becomes immensely easier

Expecting no faults from another person, is you setting them up for failure and setting yourself up for disappointment. Faults in a human are inevitable, but a human can never be all bad. Love then should be set on this premise, to endure anothers’ short comings. To live with a persons perfections is easy, to live with there faults requires a certain level of tenacity. It is therefore required in this world, that we understand that each and everyone of us is striving for the betterment of our very being, that mere fact renders all of us imperfect.


“There is a crack, a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen


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