A War of Words and Actions…

Tell me something kind, something sweet, something true then show me, show me something kind, something sweet, something true then tell me.

Actions do speak louder than words, but words give the action finality. I never thought I would ever get to a point where I wasn’t all for actions but life will surprise you sometimes if not all the time. I am a sucker for words, they are beautiful and I can express my deepest thoughts through them. But for something so beautiful they can hurt, a terrible tool in the wrong hands or mouth in this case. They have destroyed men and raised kingdoms from the dust. Words are so powerful, just as much as they can bestow prestige on a fool, they can bring a noble man into disrepute. I have lost my heart to silver tongues a dozen times over, you would think I never learned. And so because of this people always told me actions were what sealed the deal. That if anyone wanted to tell you something they had to show you, for words meant very little, hence amounted to nothing.

And so I lived for actions, I lived for humans that could communicate without offering promises, but by amazingly showing you they could pull stars out of the sky and hand them to you, whatever it was all you had to do was show me and I would believe you. I did this believing that if people spoke through their actions, they consoled me by bearing their thoughts and that would be enough. That I wouldn’t need to be told anything, but sooner rather than later the actions weren’t enough, I needed words to complete them. Realized that just like words, people could use actions to deceive you, that actions just like words could be dishonest, they could speak louder yes, but loudly empty. If you do not believe me, at least consider this, if a person can use words, to tell you what they think you need to hear, why would they not use actions to show you, what they think you need to see . I soon discovered that just as much as words can amount to nothing actions too can amount to nothing. They too can mean nothing, and just like words can bring you into disrepute. So the enigma got me, words and actions, could one exist without the other?

Give a man a kingdom and tell him nothing, tell him no words about the fact that it belongs to him, and he will run it with apprehension, with fear that it isn’t his at all and someone will wake him from this illusion, he will continue to believe this not until someone confirms that this is his kingdom. Tell a man this is his kingdom and give him no power at all, no control over something you say is truly his, and this too will drive him mad, until you give him actual power over the kingdom, he will not believe it. One needs to confirm the other, in my opinion neither is better than the other, because I have had my experience with both, delivered empty they both leave a bad taste in your mouth, delivered full they both feel incomplete without the other.  Words need actions and actions need words, so then yes, tell me something kind, something sweet, something true then show me, show me something kind, something sweet, something true then tell me, I may choose to believe you.


“Society will tell you actions speak louder than words, experience will show you even actions can be meaningless.”



  1. You literally took every word right out of my mouth. Most people tell me am too “worded” I lived for words, until I realized they mean nothing without actions to compliment them. Lovely piece Kukie👌🏽


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