To be Content…

A delivery man at his door in 1922 refused to take a tip, so instead Albert Einstein wrote him a note which is now known as the “Theory of Happiness,” It said, ‘A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.’ For everyone’s information this note sold for $1.56 million two days ago.

Contentment had always been an enigma to me, I struggled to understand what it was. I think everyone does, and that’s okay, its human nature or so we are led to believe, what you must fight for is breaking the loop. Society has built a precedence for ideologies of what happiness is. It has preached the false hope of if you attain a list of things in life you will be content, happy or whatever you may want to call it. Money, great jobs, marriages, relationships have become mantels we look up to, we aspire for, hoping they will fill our voids. So then we spend our lives chasing the future, hoping it holds the fulfillment we seek, in doing this we absolutely neglect the present. And so you make resolutions year in year out, time flies and you’re still not happy with who you are.  You still feel empty and you can’t believe that great job you finally got doesn’t do it for you. You have everything you ever wanted but you’re still miserable, now how could that have happened.

The biggest mistake one can make in living life is believing that something/someone else can fulfill you or make you happy. They can enrich it, but that’s as far as it goes. If you’re void, miserable or discontented, a marriage, a job, money, a relationship cannot change that, they can make it easier but they cannot change it. Soon enough you will be looking for something else to fill the void. When you go for a job interview the most prominent question they will ask you is what you bring to the table? They will never ask you, what they can offer you off hand. So then if you’re empty, miserable and void, even when you get into a relationship this is all you have to offer, a person cannot give what they do not have. Being the discontented person that you are this then remains the reality in your interaction with anything/anyone because that is all you have to give. How then do you change this?

Live in the here and now, savour it. Refrain from the “I’ll be happy when’’ mentality. The trouble with dwelling on what we don’t have is that it makes us neglect what we do have, this is how most people have lost priceless treasures in pursuit of temporal pleasures, when it turns out all you ever needed was right there in front of you. Ambition with discontent is futile, ambition with a full spirit is everything. If you don’t get it now, you will get it sometime, nurture what you have now while you wait on what you seek, this makes the practice of patience easier. Understand that contentment, happiness or whatever you may call it is an “inside job” it cannot depend on an outside party, if it did that would mean they could give it to you and take it away as they pleased and that is not the truth. Understand with all your might that you get into relationships (romantic or otherwise) to share who you are, to contribute to something, not to fill your emptiness, that would be asking too much of another human being, they are not God, It would be foolish to assume that they were.


“Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.”

Benjamin Franklin.

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