Time and Chance to everything…

Time and chance to everything, to everything you value in life, to everything you want in your life, to everything you hold dear in your life. Even when you want to know if you want something, or if you can do something whatever it is, you need to give it time and chance. We live in a society where instant gratification is the norm of the day, we know nothing of waiting. There is hard lessons in things that come easy, I have come to learn and nobody ever tells you that. I have also come to learn that I have no control over the good things that do eventually come after a thousand years, but thy come anyway, where is the harm in waiting. The only control I have however is the choice to give whatever thing that comes time and chance. This is the only way I can know for sure what it is.

Time and Chance to everything, yes, you must wait, for whatever it is to pan out, for the pain to go away, for the sun to shine, for the rain to come, for the door to open, you must give it time and chance. Patience is a virtue, the one sentence that was thrown in my face for as long as I can remember. I honestly never understood it for the longest time, I just always thought people used it as a ploy to make me wait a little longer or to just tell me your being inpatient, just wait. The term virtue means of high moral standard. Therefore the sentence means the exercise of patience adds to your make up as a decent human being. It is like having manners, it’s required of you. Now the tricky part is, unlike manners, patience cannot be taught, they can tell you how it should be done but they cannot show you, this virtue unfortunately you learn by experience, even it requires the very thing it is, time and chance.

Time and chance the strongest trade currency we all have, don’t always choose to give it to the things that come easier and quick, things that are safe and unexciting. When you invest time and chance your heart must race, your gut must be sure. This is a life investment, choose something worthwhile. Short fleeting moments usually cost a lifetime of repercussions, long safe moments usually cost a lifetime of an unlived life, find your balance.

Time and chance to everything, has been such a hard lesson for me, but it has made me such a great human being, I like to think anyway. But I can safely say am less stressed, I know how to wait finally, and because of that I can recognize a bad investment. It has helped me understand that not everything can be for you. Most importantly it has taught me how to treasure moments, the now. So I would have to say yes, time and chance to everything.


“Time and chance to everything.”




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