Heart on my Sleeve…

Heart on my sleeve; foolishness I always thought. Whoever wore their heart on their sleeve? What were they trying to achieve really? Hearts where made to be in high towers and a dragon standing between the tower and the one that pursued it. Fragile, I was always told, you must protect it with your life, don’t let no one touch it for they will surely break it. They will ruin you with no recourse, they will walk away without a thought. And here begun the half-hearted attempts at everything I did, I had mastered the art of raining fury on anything that tried the tower.

Heart on my sleeve; I got careless, life happened, I gave everyone a key, and they came and went. I bruised my poor heart, that’s nowhere near true, truth is I broke it. I say “I” because I let it happen. It was absolutely my fault. And so fear crippled me, attacked my spirit. I built walls twice as thick and I was the dragon that breathed fire. I never pursued anything that required heart for the fear of rejection, failure, a simple and utter no. But I quickly got bored, without heart wasn’t me, but could I risk taking another battering. Then a particular being told me, get to know yourself, encounter your heart. Do you truly believe you’re easily broken?

Heart on my sleeve; I fell in love, I fell in love with me. My mighty heart, threw its whole self at everything. Foolish but fearless. After failing a few times it took rejection like a champion, and believed there was always something out there for everyone and it was determined to find it. Never to be deterred by a simple word, no. Brave enough to speak my heart, human enough to feel and hurt, strong enough to rise. So yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Never in a cage, too much spirit for all of that. Heart first into everything, because I know I am not easily broken.


“You  are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”


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