When You Forget…

These are my favorite moments, when you forget. When you forget your past, your pain and how it changed you. When you look at me with a mesmerized understanding of what joy could be. what joy is with me. When those silly moments of laughter are just that without the looming of doom over us. These moments when you look at me as if I were sunlight and not fire. When you feel carelessly without resolve, when you feel wildly without remorse, when you feel powerfully without fear, holding nothing back. When not even pain can stop you from how you feel about me. These are favorite moments when you forget.

The worst moments are when you remember, when you make me pay for sins, I know nothing of. When you recoil from me as if I were poison, like I could burn you with angry flames I do not possess. When you’re so close yet so far away, when you push me away for holding you too close. These are the hurtful moments when you see my kindness as calculated motives of malice. How you turn acts of love as plots against you. I know this is no fault of yours, that others before me have left dents in you. The worst bit of all of it is when I fail to write you a knew tale, because you refuse to let go of an old one. These are my worst moments when you don’t forget.

The best moments would be if you believed, in you, more so in me. In my ability to love you through all of it. To catch you when you fall and if I cannot, to simply fall with you. To believe that your pain is mine, therefore happy is all I want for you, because its all I want for me. These would be the best moments, when you believe in the power between us.


“All you need is time and a patient heart.”



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