Thirty Pieces of Silver…

Thirty pieces they said, Thirty pieces of silver you would take to give my soul over to the savagery of this world. To trade in that which was most precious to me. And to think my most valued half would trade me for thirty pieces of silver. How you tossed me into a nightmare without a second thought for thirty pieces of nothing else but silver remains an enigma to me. My very heart I could have given the world to you, I gave you the world, gave you myself in my most trying moment, you had me, all of who I was. And for thirty pieces of silver you gave it all up.

Worth thirty pieces was I, of silver and not gold. Priceless I thought, that which we had priceless it was, to me anyway. Thirty pieces it took for you to give it all up, silver it took to end the priceless we built. Vows and promises I made worth gold you knew,my word could have paid kings. Swore upon a thousand stars and you believed me for a moment I would like to think. For that moment I was worth more than thirty pieces of silver. Fleeting as it was, the moment was over, I thought it would last for eternity. Tore me,tormented me, broke me then demonized me. All the silver pieces in the world could not have broken the human your thirty pieces of silver broke. I pray for you still that your thirty pieces of silver last you a lifetime.

Left to hang and dry for thirty pieces I did not take, but you say I took.For silver I did not want, but you say I wanted, you told the world nothing of who I was but a lie. And so they came for me. Judas they said, priceless you gave away they yelled. for thirty pieces of silver you fool. But priceless was taken from me, with it went my sanity, my belief in the priceless I knew. What use is thirty pieces to a man with priceless, silver to a man with gold. Thirty pieces of silver you took in trade for everything I was. I beg you still for a wrong I did not commit, adjudicate fairly before this harsh world so I can feel my pain in peace.


Inspired by EM

“Sometimes its not the people that change, its the mask that falls off.”



  1. There you go, again. You send my mind in overdrive with your thought provoking writing.
    I see two people, the seller and sold. The difference between them goes beyond the seemingly apparent evil-good duality. For me, the difference lies on which end of the spectrum they stand vis-a-vis egocentrism. The more egoistic one, being only interested in self, views the other in terms of what value they add to him gold-curved image. Thus, it’s easy for him to place a price tag on the other. The sold, on the contrary, is less egotistic. Thus his valuation of self and others is the same – priceless.
    This piece re-ignites the belief I hold: that the beginning of the dissolution of the ego is the beginning of true, selfless love.

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