Power and I

I woke up falling, into a bottomless pit, woke up from a dream, a mighty dream. I owned the world, it was mine, I was ruthless and they all bowed before me, when did it turn into a nightmare I wonder, when was I not strong enough I wonder. When did POWER decide to evade me, when did power decide to defeat me then evade me. So here I was awake, falling to a dark and sinister place. They all watched you know, those that loved me, those that had wings to catch me. They watched with cold eyes and bright smiles, my end brought their beginning they believed. So here I was falling, I wasn’t even trying to save myself anymore, there was no one to catch me after all. In truth  I didn’t expect anyone to catch me anyway. So yes here was the falling of a warrior, the destruction of a king…again…

And in my falling I finally hit the ground. I lay there for a while, in pain,  my pieces lay across the freezing floor. I knew I had to start picking them up, But I just wanted to lay there, lick my wounds for a while, contemplated dying but that wasn’t an option. And there he was POWER, he just sat there in his might. He somewhat looked at me with love, with pride, with sadness. But more so he looked at me with annoyance, he was ready for a bout and I just wasn’t, I just didn’t have any fight left in me. See we had been here before, several times, we had fought, he had let me win, and let me walk. I wasn’t foolish I knew this was it. Our last fight or our final understanding. If I chose to fight I knew for sure this time he would kill me, I think he had had it with my foolishness. I had possessed him before, abused him before, and he let me, little did I know that even then we where in a battle, I thought I had possessed and won, but I guess as always the dark pit was the end to my way. I refused to acknowledge his presence, his air of disapproval. I crawled towards the one piece I know he wanted.

My heart, we both reached for it, me with a look of defiance, him with a look of borderline anger. Then I thought to myself, here was this being, who had come for me in this pit countless times, and each time I fought him, rejected him and yet he returned still. After my pride came a great fall, was it worth it really. And so I let go, “keep it,” I said. He was thrown back, surprised at my submission. I fell to my knees and wept for a while. He embraced me in the dark, his silence was enough. I had returned to him, and like fire, life returned to me. And out of the pit he lifted me, he engulfed me and gave me strength. So yes here returned a Queen, from the ashes, with POWER on her side, a KING, a God to be reckoned with…


“A wise man who possess power, knows to be weary of it.”



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