A Day with You

A start with you, a beginning of all beginnings, each day. a kiss good morning for every time you leave me, every time you send me out into the world, with a touch of your power. Your confidence in woman you know can take on the world and conquer it. Send me flowers just because its a Wednesday, flowers for every time you weren’t nearly enough for the world, but more than enough for me. Open the door for me because you know am a lady, and a beast when you need me to be. You will fight my battles and I will fight yours but lady I will remain and gentleman you will forever be.

Take me to lunch, I make you lunch.my favourite pancakes, your favourite doughnuts we can eat whatever. I feed your soul you feed mine we are stronger together.All I know is I am with you, and you’re with me, only we can change that. But why change it, much rather remain captive with you. Laugh in the sun, fight in the rain, together we remain. You could be my pain and torment, my destruction and my end but I choose to believe in what I know to be true. A man that owns, a woman that belongs they wouldn’t be anywhere else but here This is exactly where we should be.

Dusk till dawn, but a walk with you in the dawn is what I live for, in the drizzling rain, wet or cold I am with you. Tell me your fears and I will tell you mine. Share our dreams, because I would fight for yours as you would for mine. A kiss good night for every time you return to me. for every moment you give me my dreams. for every time you make my life a dream.


“Chivalry may be dead, But its okay for a girl to dream.”


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