This Woman I know

This woman I know, I know for sure. I emulate her for she is woman, she encompasses the  the whole essence of the word WOMAN, she takes nothing from it but she definitely adds more and always with an elegance and pride. She oozes strength, and those that cant match it fold, and those that can she recognizes and respects. Aggressive definitely aggressive, she has an aggression for life like no other ever before. She takes nothing lying down, she will fight you for what she deserves, you may win the battle but you will forever remember that battle with the scars to prove it. Power beyond measure, a power that can move mountains and more. Power, she doesn’t seek it, nor does she chase it, she retains it for she is Power. She knows that, she understands that and she rests in its assurance because it serves her and serves her well. No one can shake her belief in her.

This woman I know, I know for sure. No human that walks this earth can love her the way she loves her. She has such reverence for her soul, for her existence and her well being. Its for this reason that she knows what to take from the world and what not to. She knows no grey areas, she wont accept any grey areas, no maybes, no soon enoughs. Shes a go big or go home kind of person, all in or all out. This thing called love she respects, dreads it but respects it,  dreads it but wants it, dreads it but would probably jump off a cliff for it. She understands its significance, and is no fool to toy with it. She knows if mishandled it could be her destruction. So she takes her time, waits patiently, regardless of what the world thinks. She eventually gives it to those that deserve it, that respect it, those that understand that in bearing her soul, she shows her true power.

Fair warning though cross her, and you will know her wrath. Love her and you will  be one of the few humans who will forever know the love of a WOMAN, a love fierce and true. She has her flaws. But shes amazing, makes the greatest friend, she never sugarcoats and she will vouch for you every time. Always braced to cut an oversize ego to size, in fact she has turned it into sport, she makes it look fun. I recognize some of these traits in me, more so in you. This woman I know, I know for sure.


“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.”



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