A Love like this…

And so the story was written, not to an end, but to a beautiful beginning. Our own tale for all times. I could have told my story, our story a thousand different ways but I chose this one because you for all the cliches in the world, you where surely the one. You set my soul on fire and ran with it, burnt my whole world into flames and changed it forever. Stole my heart with no hope of reclamation, with no need for reclamation for I finally found the one I could entrust it to. I finally found the love I could give it all up for. A love I could go all in for. All of it for a love like this.

Battles I fought, fought for myself aimlessly to no end. Conquered the world all for me. But there you came crushing into my otherwise orderly existence, you changed my whole world, you changed me I could barely recognize myself. You tore the walls down and I fought you every which way. You found your spot in an otherwise cold soul and thawed it to a blaze. I was blissfully unaware of how I needed you but now I know nothing else. For I have all I need to know, A love like this

A love like this, a love like you, a beautiful and kind love, worth everything and more. If I did it all over again it would be you. If I told this tale a thousand times over, you, is how it would begin and you, is how it would end.


For Clement and Olivia congratulations on your engagement.


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