For Then and For Always…

I wake up most most mornings thinking about him, the love of my life, he is a beautiful figment of my imagination,a wonderful and ever present thought. I pray for him more than I pray for myself because I need him to be the man I know he will be. I do not revel in my lack of him now but I bask in the promise that he is mine for then and for always. My life evolves and grows tremendously each day but yet still I wait on his love, his love coming from the source of all things. Its in my waiting that I know I love him. Its in my ability to walk away from short lived happiness, feigned love that is how I know I love him.

In love,hopelessly in love, madly in love. I know him not yet I love him still. An Imperfect man, flawed as I am in more ways than one, yet i love him still. Its in his flaws,  his imperfections, his fears, that is how I know that this truly is a man, but its in his ability to accept them, to face them and to fight them, that is how I know I love him. I fill his missing pieces as he fills mine. I know not his name, yet I love him still. I feel his love from miles away, as if he were next to me. His love fierce and true, it consumes me, how much more so when I set my eyes on him. For all this and more I love him still.

I work constantly on the woman I am today all for me, but more so for him, because he will want that woman, he will deserve that woman. That crazy, feisty woman. That move mountains with woman. His very own ride or die woman. Above anything else I will be his KIND of woman, smart, beautiful and strong. He will marvel at my boldness and not be threatened by it. He would have met his match, a woman so strong yet so tender in her will to follow his. And at first meet without a doubt, no second guesses he will know, this is the WOMAN.

Until then my love, I wait for you….


No matter how long it takes true love is always worth the wait.



  1. Wow! This could be the most optimistic yet lonely …. no scratch that, this is just beautiful! Its so hopeful I feel like I just watched a Disney cartoon, but yet a Disney/Pixer animation that’s substantive and uplifting and just the right amount of brilliance! This is why you remain among my favouritest writers

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