The Enigma of Emotion…

Ever played the fool to your emotions, that moment when they take over your life and run with it. You know that moment when your heart decides to go with a very stupid decision, logic tells you otherwise but no, your emotions must have their way. You have officially lost control, your mind has no say because obviously its lost, corrupted by how you feel, they must have their way or no way at all. Your gut can say nothing because its suggestions are never appealing , just plain boring even when they are always right. So there you are at a loss, right at the mercy of something you can neither see or touch but lives inside of you. I hated it to be honest, I did’t appreciate the fact that I had no grip at all, I would break down and stay broken, even when I got out of it I would still stay broken, totally taken over by anger, hurt and pain all nicely concealed. On the other hand I would fall in love with illusions, ideas and hold on to the elusive happy endings even when they where long gone and where never here. So what were my options, to not feel at all or to let my feelings run riot. Each day was a battle with them, one of us had to bend, and guess what i always did, i always bowed to the king.

Passion, emotion call it what you will, fuels everything, that’s what puts spark into all of it, in music, in paintings, poetry you name it, without it, all that remains is dull and bleak. So here we are with emotion, the worst invention ever I have decided, available to every idiot on the planet. It’s been the downfall of many a great men, and has been the main force in the building of great empires. It’s what drives fools and great men alike, yet it’s also what tells them apart. That was the catch for me, how it told them apart. How one measly feeling, passion,emotion could build one man up into the stars and tear another down to the ground into dust with no sign of his existence. Then I realized it was all about the command you had over them and that was it. Not the easiest thing in the world but totally worth it. I found out you could ignore when they craved attention for all the wrong reasons. You could instill them in logic and create amazing things. You could defy them and it wouldn’t kill you,it could knock you senseless but when you get back up you’re twice as strong and you could defy them yet again until you become master. Eventually you will learn to build anything using them, massive,great things.

He who is master of his emotions is master of his world. I remember reading this quote somewhere and it rang so true to me. Approach everything with an open mind, hoping for everything but expecting nothing at all. Your ability to hold on to things and let them go. your ability to walk away or stay, its all up to you and not your emotions. You owe your emotions no explanation, yet you reserve the right to use them how you want. pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I will tell you one secret though, you know that rotten feeling you get when you walk away from that which doesn’t serve you, yet you want badly, it doesn’t last forever. Always remember your emotions live in you and not you in them…


Emotions are a temporary state of mind don’t let the destroy you



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