Douchebags and Damsels

Age or growing up, whichever it is really usually has a way of putting a lot of things in life into perspective for you.It will disillusion you so badly, and you won’t believe you could have been that foolish.  You know how at age 17 you always liked the guy that oozed confidence, and was macho and could walk up to you and say all the right things and you (the damsel) would be head over heels? And in your mind you would walk off into the sunset and live happily ever after, until you discover six months down the line what a frog (the douchebag) he really is. Then for a few days you consider the little gawky guy, with the confidence issues and only gets three words out when he speaks to you, until another idiot dressed as charming comes along and the entire process begins again, you go through this for the next five or ten years and discover the pattern or just give up and live with it.

You know how fairytales always portray Charming on a mighty steed coming to save the damsel in distress. They should have mentioned the douchebag could also come on a mighty steed and have all the right things (we perceive to be right anyway), you know tall dark and handsome and say all the right words. They should have mentioned that charming (that gawky not so courageous little sweet human) could also come on a donkey, and that he would not be so brave and it would take him ten thousand years to dig out the words Hi, another ten million just to defeat the dragon, climb the walls of the dungeon and save your little pretty behind. They should have mentioned that not every charming would be the right one, that as the damsel you reserved the right to say no to the wrong charming (the douchebag or sometimes just the wrong charming). They should have told us that sometimes you had to save yourself and doing could liberate you in more ways than one.

In all honesty I wish everyone was who they were really. If only the fool portrayed himself as the fool he was other than righteous, If only the douchebag portrayed the jerk he was other than the perfect gentleman and if only the little gawky, shy guy could be the gentleman he really is other than the little wimp we all see, but such is the stuff of fairytales. But in life all we get is patience the ability to exercise it and the chance to see everything as it is with time, so the catch is patience I guess.


Patience, is not the ability to wait, but its how you act while waiting.

Joyce Meyer

P.S: Hello world it’s been forever turns out trying to build a career and keeping up a blog you so love is not the easiest thing in the world. Anyway we are here now so let’s move on will try to keep up the momentum from here on out. 



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