Most people that know me, would be amazed at why I would call my blog post today of all days (15th of September) Happy. Because 10 years ago today my young sisters and I lost the most solid figure in our lives, our mother. Fifteen years old, oldest of the four of us (others months younger than me may disagree lol),  with my sisters, seated at 4 o clock in the morning after that nasty call, knowing our lives where about to change and all we had was each other, and nothing in this world was going to change that, at that moment we had each other. Believe it or not its been ten years and boy has it been a roller coaster and we still have each other, cast to all corners of the earth and brought back, we still have each other.

The amount of things we have learned, the amount of tumbles we have taken, the epic fails and mistakes, just to get up and try ten thousand and one times until we got it and it worked. The battles we have come out of with the scars to prove it, with some wounds still open, which is okay really because cest la vie. The things we have walked away from and those that have walked away from us, these and so many other things. Guess what we are happy. we had the chance to have a woman who was crazy about us, taken from us but still the most influential person in our lives today, she is still with here. We have gained mothers that will fight to the death for us, love us to the moon and back. We are happy, we have what we really need, people that love us. Shes probably seated on some pretty chair somewhere extremely proud, smiling ear to ear. I am sure they are days when she wishes she could come down and have our behinds (lol), but generally i think we have done great, grown into strong, beautiful, intelligent women.

So for me, the last two years at least this has not been  a sad day for me, its been a blessed day, a day i tend to remember, yes what was taken from me and how blessed i was to have it for the time given. What I have been given in the last ten years since and how God has been kind. So…here is to out doing her plans for all of us and going beyond, to conquering the world as she would have wanted. I look forward to the next ten years, to making that angel of mine smile…


For Zangose, Veronica and Chibuye


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