“The New World Order.”

It finally happened. Am not sure when it did, but it has come upon us. Men are finally the women of the world. Before anyone kills me, being a woman is great. I am one so I would know. It has all these perks, of ladies first, doors being opened for you, flowers and all the cool things. As a woman you reserve the right to be a “big girl” as and when you want to be, to exercise the bitchy side of you on a bad day and blame it on a biological function in the body, play hard to get and all these other really cool things. Women tough as we are, first class treatment is what we deserve because we are delicate too. Biggest problem is men today are hogging all the cool stuff. Am not sure why but they are.

I remember some one asking me, what has happened to the order of things. She was talking about how this guy she was into and he was clearly into her was dragging his feet and being skittish basically playing the “hard to get card”, she just couldn’t believe she was the one doing the hunting, she was literally holding the shotgun. So the moment she decided she couldn’t do it he came after her and “manned” up. Look, I personally don’t believe in all this hard to get and dragging feet stuff, I frankly don’t have the patience for it. It takes to much time. Woman as I may be I believe in going after what I want and if they can’t meet you half, worst case scenario you learn a few things and move on. But much as I don’t believe in “playing hard to get” most women do. Can you imagine what they must think when they meet a man playing their card. I think it would bore me, my reasoning would be am a big “vagina” on my own, when I want to be, am not sure I can handle another. You have literally joined the team of girls that sit around a table, drink wine and share trade secrets.

Am not sure what we did but we must have angered the gods, or Beyonces who runs the world song cost us. Men am not sure why you want to pull a switcheroo on us but if it’s because we have learnt to exist in the world like you have for thousands of years, I personally make no apologies. I need those attributes to survive and make something of myself. But come on you can’t want to take away even the attributes that contribute to our feminity. Yes!!!! We know that there is too many of us and a handful of you but we all can’t be “big girls”. There is already too many of us. Ladies, yes this is the “The New world Order” but that’s not to say you should take it.


“Some day there may be a ‘masculism’ movement to allow men to act like women.”

Elsie Clews Parsons

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