A Personal Compass

When ever some one said follow your heart, i always thought it was a load of nonsense. Listen to your heart was even worse. I took it literally. How on earth can an organ talk to you?( Because that’s all it was to me). I figured everyone who so much as uttered such “crazy talk” had their heads in the clouds and binged on too many fairy tales. But they were onto something. I finally get it and its brilliant. The perfect compass and its yours to keep. Doesn’t always point you in the direction you want but its always right, Small price to pay if you ask me. I also finally understand meditation, you listening to your heart speak. What your urges want, your desires, that is not your heart, that’s your clouded judgement. You basically convincing yourself that that’s your heart talking.

It does speak, i swear to you it does and the beauty of it, is that its always right. And usually what it suggests is not always what you want but definitely what you need. There have been countless times when we as people have followed our hearts, and everything just blew to hell. But question is did we follow what our hearts wanted or what we wanted because believe it or not, those two things are very different, you and your heart, totally different. You are all about DESIRES, instant gratification which doesn’t care what you hurt as long as you get what you want even if it lasts seconds, that is instant gratification, while the heart is all about PRECISION which requires time and patience, its a basic instinct apparatus, working to attain you life long happiness.

Following your heart is a task for the brave, because more than half the time it will point you in the direction you do not want to go at all. It will be a road you will probably have to walk alone, with the toughest obstacles known to man but the peace you feel through it all is priceless. But when you do come through it all, you wouldn’t believe the view, you will know it was all worth it.


“So let your heart, Sweet heart be your compass when you’re lost.”

Theta Phi Alpha

“Let your heart be your compass, your mind your map, your soul, your guide, you will never get lost.”


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