“Plot Twist”

I just hate plot twists in anything i watch, in anything i read basically i hate it when the plot doesn’t go the way i wanted it to go, i feel like the story line just goes away with the wind and i lose control ( like i ever had control in the first place, but anyway it always feels like i did.). Every time it catches me off guard, even when am expecting it. Take for instance the Starks getting bloody murdered in Game of thrones( i presume everyone watches that show, its a great show), it still killed me even after i had read the book and i knew it was coming.

Anyway away from that, the point is diversions in any plot usually stink at that particular point in time but are usually necessary to the greatest stories ever told in any context. That’s why stories that only go through the motions never sell. I recently discovered that’s exactly how life works, unlike a writer and his pen courageous enough to take a story where ever his mind takes him, people like me don’t have that sort of courage, the sort of will to just take that twist. But its slowly dawning on me that twists are vital, they are very important, they suck and they are exciting too. They have all these huge pricks and they have even greater perks too. I am finally willing to take a chance on it all, simply because i want it all

I remember reading something that said when something goes wrong(or changes) in your life just yell plot twist and move on. Whats the point in refusing to take a twist when you know not taking it will take you right off a cliff. So yes yell plot twist, take that turn and believe for a fact that the view will be great up that particular twist.


“It takes nothing to join the crowd, it takes everything to stand alone.”

Hans F Hansen

“Like wild flowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.”


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