Altered Cinderella

“Looking for the girl of my dreams,” men always say. And it’s a good thing to want something that seems beyond belief but beautiful, and when you find it, we can all only imagine what that must feel like.Even we girls want Prince Charming to walk right off a page and sweep us off our feet, that’s the sort of thing dreams are made of. Our own Cinderella story, where you’re everything he wants and more, and he’s everything you want and more. And you walk off into the sun and live happily ever after.

Life is never fair, that’s what makes it interesting. So the glitch comes in, when he’s everything you want, but you’re not everything he wants, you’re not even close. In this case, when you don’t fit, normally you’re supposed to simply walk away, because well you’re just not it. Not that you’re not good enough, or you’re not nearly as perfect but you just don’t fit. It’s like using a wrong key on a door, the key is not faulty nor is the door, they just don’t match. But women being women “crazy” and all, we take this on as a challenge. Alter ourselves until he has stars in his eyes when he looks at you. All those stars coming at the price of not recognizing yourself every time you look in the mirror. Even that doesn’t last long because you can only be some one else for so long, so as the facade fades so do the stars, and eventually it would have all been for nothing.

In doing all this, you would have altered what was perfect for that special some one else, wasted time trying to make happy some one you could never make happy, you would have basically spent an eternity living an illusion. There is nothing wrong with wanting a Cinderella story, just make sure it’s your Cinderella story, and not that of an illusion.


“Every time you change something unique about yourself in order to be just like some one else, a piece of the best part of you dies.”

Zero Dean.

“Today you are you, that is TRUER than true. There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than YOU.”

Dr. Seuss.

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