Once bitten, Twice shy

Once bitten, Twice shy, Three times the fool…or not

There is no feeling in the world, that feels as badly as rejection. Failing in its own form is rejection. The answer no kills the most of us. The sting is so painful, it stays with you for while. It sticks with you so hard, it becomes a place of comfort, because you now think you know the likely outcome of every possible attempt you make. So once bitten, something nasty occurs to you once, when you experience an epic fail,the rejection you never saw coming, everyone is at liberty to tell you, everything happens for a purpose, they are all sure you learnt something from it. But if it happens a second time you definitely know what they all thinking, what you’re thinking, I must have gone looking for it this time because there is no way it could have found me twice.

And the third time isn’t really the charm for you, you are officially the class clown. The fool that never learns and keeps chasing ideologies, dreams that the world says could never amount to nothing. And so twice shy, you choose to conform, to aspire for things you can see before you, where’s the fun in that, you wild spirit wonders. You have chosen to adhere to the fact that the world is black and white and not in living color. And so you have traded in your fairy tale antics, your belief in love and shooting stars for safety, for a pain free existence, at what expense exactly. Tightly wound like a string, you refuse to acknowledge your belief, your faith. What you once knew to be true, as sure as the sun rose in the morning, has quickly become a legend you’re not sure ever existed.

And so here you are, are you truly living or simply existing. Is this what you have decided to be, a shell of what life intended. Your fear of the unknown has crippled you, the fear of being told no, of being rejected consumes you. Truth is rejection is more a gift than a curse, it may not feel like it in the moment, but the fact is its a step closer to what you aspire for. And so keep trying, keep failing, keep getting up and going at it again, something has got to give sometime…


“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was being redirected to something better.”

Steve Maraboli

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