Here is to the CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

American comedy legend W.C Fields once stated “No doubt exists that all women are crazy, it’s only a question of degree.” So the question isn’t whether women are crazy or not ( cause they are) , the question is by how much?

How is a person who is able to smile at another person whom they would rather swat like a fly not crazy, of course they are but remember it’s not being fake, it’s being mature enough to look past all the pettiness and that requires the right amount of crazy and a lot of strength. You wear six inch heels  that sting like hell and walk in them for over eight hours, a pair of jeans a size or two smaller than your normal size and a bra squeezing the life out of you all at the same time and see if that doesn’t drive you crazy, but hey don’t judge. Superman, batman and every other superhuman has a costume that fits a little to snugly. If pretending a person you want so badly does not exist, and watching them be happy with some one else and not you is not crazy then I don’t know what is, keeping in mind that it takes a lot of courage to just stand their and do nothing about it. So for these and many other reasons we are crazy and we reserve the right to be.

That is what defines us, what makes us stand out and be great. As Alice said to the the mad hatter when he asked “have I gone mad?” To which she replied, “am afraid so, you’re absolutely mad, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”  So remember great beings are nowhere near normal. It’s not for you to worry about your degree of craziness, fighting so hard to be normal, therefore aiming for average. It’s for the rest of the world to worry  about whether they are crazy enough for you…



“I wonder if I’ve changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I woke up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if am not the same, the next question is ” who in the world am I?” Ah that’s the great puzzle!”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland





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